Captain Gabriel Suazo behind Twitch

Gabriel Suazo is one of the young players who has managed to earn his place in Colo Colo in recent years. Despite his youth, he has been in the first team for several years and in 2021 he received the honor of wearing nothing more and nothing less than the captain’s jnet.

However, there is another facet in which he has stood out a lot in recent months, that of a streamer on Twitch, where he has shown a little of his daily life that has been liked a lot in the community.

In conversation with Channel 13, the captain albo detailed what this true phenomenon has been in the Cacique’s first team, stating that “There is a group of players and people who consume this content a lot. Pablo Solari, Martín Rodríguez at the time, Joan Cruz and Luciano Arriagada. As much as I am the captain, we are several young players who are involved ”.

“Obviously, what one can do has more repercussions, so, in the deal, the things I say or don’t say, I am careful. I take it seriously, but with great happiness. This makes me happy, I have a good time and it distracts me a bit ”, added.

Regarding what has been the setting up of his channel, the trained at home argued that “One of the rules that I have on my channel is that there is hardly any talk about football. Not only do people see me, they are fans of Colo Colo and that is the beauty, that they do not see me only as the captain of Colo Colo. People respect my position as a streamer and content creator. I love that, to show my facet on the other side of football ”.

Gabriel Suazo will be the white captain for this Superclassic. | Photo: UNO Agency.

“I try to show that the footballer is an ordinary person. I want you to meet the person behind the player. They can know me from what I play on the field or what I say in a conference, but very little ”, concluded.

Gabriel Suazo already has 37,878 followers in its canal de Twitch, averaging about 400 people in each transmission. A good opportunity to learn a little more about the wearer of our sacred captain’s genet.

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