"Captain Kirk": William Shatner flew into space as the oldest person

The Canadian film actor William Shatner successfully flew into space aboard a rocket from the US company Blue Origin. He traveled with Audrey Powers, manager at Blue Origin, former NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen and entrepreneur Glen de Vries.

The four were on Mission NS-18, the second Blue Origin manned flight operated by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. On Wednesday afternoon they flew remotely for a few minutes at 107 km, just higher than the internationally recognized limit to space (Kármán line, 100 km above sea level). After a half-hour flight, the capsule landed back on earth in Texas at around 5 p.m.

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The missile on the launch pad.
(Bild: Blue Origin)

Shatner is 90 years old, making him the oldest person to ever fly into space. In the 1960s he played James T. Kirk, captain of the spaceship Enterprise in the US television series Star Trek. He took the record for the oldest spaceman from Wally Funk, who flew into space with Bezos in July and is 82 years old.

Shortly after landing, Shatner is full of emotions about the “most important experience” of his life. During the flight over the earth he felt very stimulated to think about life and death, he said in an interview with Bezos.


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