Captain Marleau (France 2): the metamorphosis of Corinne Masiero

This episode of Captain Marleau fait (France 3) shows part of the heroine’s intimacy… and shows her physically unrecognizable. France 2 offers the opportunity to see it again by rebroadcasting it this evening.

This Friday November 26 on France 2 rebroadcasts the “Double Jeu” episode of the series Captain Marleau, in which the captain of the gendarmerie is… unrecognizable! The opportunity to see this collector episode. The series gathers on average more than 8 million viewers in each of its surveys which attracts prestigious guests including the excellent Edouard Baer. However, Captain Marleau (stunning Corinne Masiero) remains a mystery. What is his name ? Does she like men or women? Does she have a family? So many questions left unanswered by this jubilant series. Among the few elements available, we know that she has a crazy sense of repartee, that she likes to jog in the forest and is passionate about soap operas. But this time, the most curious will finally learn more about her private life and get to know their heroine better. For punishment, Corinne Masiero, her interpreter, had to take up a major challenge: playing two roles, one of which leads her to appear… dressed like never before!

Neat makeup and high heels

It all starts when Marleau arrives at the morgue and finds that the corpse lying on the autopsy table is his perfect double. Sad way to find out she had a twin. But if his sister looked exactly like him, his dress style was the opposite of the old saps Marleau drags to crime scenes. For the purposes of the investigation, the captain will take the identity of her twin and perform a physical metamorphosis. Wearing a dress, a leopard shirt [elle qui aime tant les carreaux !], perched on high heels, smooth blonde hair falling over her shoulders, the investigator abandons her military jacket and her chapka to turn into a femme fatale. “You are implying that Marleau is a big ugly, right ?, retorts us Corinne Masiero. We can not care about his look and be “fatal” anyway. It’s not heels and a stick of lipstick that make you look alluring. There are secrets that make you much more beautiful than a simple pageantry!

An exhausting but enjoyable shoot!

We recognize there the actress, without fuss, who does not care about the eyes of others, and has a freedom and a madness that make her beautiful! You also have to be a little unconscious to accept playing two roles in the same episode. More than the game challenge, it was the prospect of a new and exciting experience that convinced her. Fun but grueling experience (although Corinne Masiero makes a difference, often remembering that she does not “not working at the factory“). “A shoot is always happiness but, physically, it was trying, she confirms. Not only is the rhythm dense, but I was all over the place. You have to hold on, force yourself to rest, not drink alcohol, stay focused …“However, the actress did not cheat when she discovered the script:”I told myself that I was going to have a good laugh and, indeed, it was enjoyable!“. Undoubtedly this is where the secret of the success of this series lies: the crazy charisma of its heroine, who does not take herself seriously, and shows a refreshing humility in an environment that is not. not always… Corinne Masiero, we love it with love!

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