Capuchetti put prosecutor Rívolo in charge of the investigation

After the hearing of the lawyers of the complaint of the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner with the judge of room I of the court of appeals, Leopoldo BrugliaThe judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti decided this Wednesday to delegate in the hands of the prosecution the case for the attack on the former president perpetrated on September 1st. The investigation will now be in the hands of the prosecutor. Carlos Rivolowho was already working on the file together with the judge.

Hours before Capuchetti delegated the file, the lawyers for the vice president’s complaint denounced before the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires that if “the possibility of proof” was frustrated, it could have been to hide something.

“If they frustrated us with the possibility of the test, it is because there was something locked up,” said lawyer José Manuel Ubeira at the hearing before the judge of room I of the appeals court, Leopoldo Bruglia, who will be in charge of deciding whether to support or remove the magistrate instructing the file.

In turn, when leaving the federal courts of Comodoro Py, the lawyer stated: “if we continue to investigate we get to where he does not want to go, to the PRO terminals”, and then he said that there is a clue in the case linked to the national deputy of Together for Change Gerardo Milman, in addition to “hate speech from certain places”.

According to the lawyers for the complaint, Judge Capuchetti showed a “complete lack of initiative” and would have “boycotted” lines of investigation, for which they ask that she be removed from the case, according to what was explained at the hearing, in which First, the lawyer Marcos Aldazabal intervened, who was in charge of listing the irregularities in the handling of the case, and then Ubeira.

“The investigation is impossible like this,” Aldazabal said after listing a series of “irregularities” within the investigation of the case, such as the lack of investigation of the Federal Police, due to the delays in the arrest of Brenda Uliarte and the reset of the cell phone. by Fernando Sabag Montiel, nor the track “Milman”, nor the line of “(Hernán)Carrol”.

As Milman’s clue, they understand that which began on September 23, based on the testimonial statement of an adviser to the Chamber of Deputies, who assured before the court that in the Casablanca bar located meters from Congress, he heard that the PRO deputy told him told two women the phrase “when they kill her I’m on my way to the coast.”

Regarding Carrol’s line, refer to the referent of the New Center Right to whom the man who shot the vice president’s head, Sabag Montiel, assigned the mission of appointing a lawyer to defend him in the case .

The relationship between the judge and the complaint became insurmountable after Capuchetti’s decision not to allow the kidnapping of the cell phone of Milman’s advisers who testified as witnesses in the case and first denied having been at the Casablanca bar on February 30. August to later correct themselves when they were shown images that proved their presence: “If we want to straighten the course of this matter, removing Capuchetti could be the beginning,” the complainants said during the hearing with Judge Bruglia, to whom they also clarified that They do not demand a “concrete result” for the investigation but want “all the lines to be investigated to find out what happened.”

“The doubt has become unbearable, we cannot tolerate that the judge continues to be the judge in this case. The message that is given to the outside is that killing a Vice President is free and now we are in an electoral campaign. I don’t know if the client (Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) will present herself or not (in elections), but next year she will campaign,” Ubeira emphasized during her speech.

The hearing, which had been set since last week, was held after yesterday the complaint demanded that the investigation be expanded and that Fernando Sabag Montiel, Brenda Uliarte and Gabriel Carrizo be prosecuted for illicit association and that new security measures be urgently ordered. test, after detecting a series of WhatsApp messages that would account for the organized actions of the gang.

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