Car insurance: soon the end of the green sticker?

This Tuesday, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire confirmed that he was working with his Interior counterpart on the abolition of the green sticker.

This is (normally) a staple of any windshield. The green sticker – the motor insurance certificate – may however be living its last months. The Ministries of the Economy and the Interior are indeed working on the removal of this little paper, annual proof that the vehicle is well insured.

“A shock of simplification”

“We are working with Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin to remove this little green sticker that you have to stick behind your windshield and which shows that you are well insured so that it is dematerialized”, confirmed this Tuesday Bruno Le Maire, at a press conference in Bercy with the Insurance Federation about inflation.

It is a shock of simplification for our compatriots and at the same time it is a cost which is reduced, so I hope that we will be able in the course of the year 2023 with Gerald Darmanin to announce the definitive removal of this green sticker “, added the Minister.

If successful, this abolition does not mean the end of compulsory car insurance, quite the contrary. “This little green card, the insurance certificate, is no longer useful, because we have a file of insured vehicles (FVA) which is much more effective in combating insurance fraud”, underlined to the side by Bruno Le Maire Françoise Lustman, President of France Assureurs.

A file shared with the police

This file was set up in 2016 and is fed directly by insurers. The file thus specifies the registration of the vehicle, the name of the insurer, the number of the insurance contract and its validity. This makes it possible to theoretically have in real time all the insurance guarantees linked to each registered vehicle.

“Insurance companies must communicate the information provided within 72 hours of the subscription or termination of the motor vehicle liability guarantee”, can we read on the website of the insurer Allianz.

Since 2019, law enforcement can consult this file to verify that a vehicle is properly insured. “Historically the sticker and the green card served as proof for the insurance. The FVA is 99% reliable, much more than the system of green cards and stickers. For example, a motorist who cancels during the year can keep several months his sticker on his windshield while the file is updated daily”, specified in May the President of France Assureurs in Insurance Argus.

Removing the green sticker would also have an ecological impact. According toInsurance Argus50 million insurance certificates are printed every year.

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