care and nursing at home

care and nursing at home

The Bildstein Nursing Association invited to the annual general meeting with a lecture.

The Maria-Bildstein Nursing Association, which was founded in 1988 under the leadership of the late pastor August Hinteregger, is very active. Numerous activities such as the blood donation campaign or cake sales for the benefit of the club, exemplary networking with the surrounding clubs and the Hofsteig-Pool (Schwarzach, Kennelbach, Bildstein, Buch) as well as the well-functioning cooperation with the mobile help service and the qualified nursing staff are impressive proof of this. Speaking of the care pool: since the foundation of the cooperation, it has been customary for those responsible for the individual nursing associations to honor each other at the respective annual general meeting. This was the case again this year, when Chairwoman Claudia Gunz was able to welcome Manfred Madlener (Kennelbach) and Daniela Lehner (Buch) to Bildstein alongside pool organizer Helmut Leite (Schwarzach).

“Eating with a good feeling”

One focus of this year’s annual general meeting in the culture hall was the lecture by Mag. Angelika Stöckler on the topic “Mindful enjoyment – who or what do we want to eat in the future?” The nutritionist apparently hit on a topic that was discussed by the dozens of guests, including a delegation of home nurses, Mayor Walter Moosbrugger, Deputy Mayor. Irene Niederacher, Pastor Paul Burtscher or Ewald Bereuter (KPV Alberschwende) was followed very attentively and with interest. The current data, figures and facts were then presented and it was once again explained that a functioning network is available in the event of a need for care. That gives support and security. And: Home nursing will be an essential and indispensable part of our society in the future!

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