Carla becomes the first French singer to join Fortnite

The young singer Carla is very lucky! The producers of Fortnite, the most popular video game in the world, have fallen for its title Goodbye to me, remixed for the occasion.

August 19, Carla Lazzari, better known by her first name only Carla thanks to his participation in The Voice Kids and then for representing France at Eurovision Juniors 2019 with the song Bim Bam Toi, blew out his 16 candles. And it is two days later, on August 21, that a colossal gift arrives which the young Ni├žoise did not expect: she becomes the first French artist to integrate the game Fortnite which has no less than 400 million players in the world.

Carla on Fortnite: “I will have my avatar that will dance on Say goodbye to me”

It’s completely crazy “, Carla tells us. The producers of the game have contacted my team to find out if they could integrate the title. Bim Bam Toi in Fortnite. This is a sign that the success of this song continues, including internationally. I have my emote dancing on Goodbye to me and players can find the title in the playlist. ” An exceptional adventure, but not so surprising if we remember the colossal figures obtained on the Internet by the title written for Carla by Barbara Pravi (who finished second this year at Eurovision with Here is), on the occasion of the Eurovision Juniors of 2019. With Goodbye to me, the girl had finished fifth in the contest and the title went viral, with more than 83 million views on Youtube and 1.8 million videos on TikTok. A record that even allowed Carla to win the TikTok d’or last year!

Carla soon in duet with Agustin Galiana

Happiness never comes alone, a year after the publication of his first album The other me, Carla is back in stores on August 27 with a second opus, entitled Without filter. Energetic and catchy pop titles where she evokes different subjects that concern her directly (love always) with as a bonus, a duet in Spanish with the seductive Agustin Galiana! Just that … But at 16, Carla is also a serious and brilliant high school student who will join the first class in her high school in Nice. “It takes a good organization to lead my studies and my career simultaneously, but my life as a high school student is essential because it helps me to keep my feet on the ground!“And lucid with that!

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