Carlos Alcántara reveals that he lost 90% of his vision in one of his eyes: “I am half blind”

NO! Carlos Alcántara, the popular ‘Cachín’, announced that he suffers from glaucoma and that he only has 10% vision left in his right eye. The actor indicated that this situation has affected him emotionally.

“I have something that has affected me quite emotionally, and it is losing a meaning. I have glaucoma, I have suffered from glaucoma for three years, I have several operations for that, I have a valve in my right eye, I almost have 10% of my vision left”, expressed in dialogue with D-Day.

‘Cachín’ affirmed that due to the partial loss of his vision he had to stop playing one of his favorite instruments, the saxophone. “I can no longer because it is an instrument where you have to put a lot of pressure “he added.

He also indicated that his right eye only has 10% vision, so he should take more care of his left eye. “When you no longer look with two eyes, things lose a bit of depth of field and everything seems to appear in (…) I am literally half blind, out of two there is one that does not work, I have to take more care of the other”, he added.

Within the framework of Father’s Day, he was consulted by his two children, of whom he considers that they have helped him to be a better person and that he is already at the stage of his life in which he wants to be a grandfather.

“That blessing of having two wonderful children has also influenced me to change and be a better person. a“, he pointed.

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