Carlos Bruce spoke about the closure of Arena Perú and asked that concerts be held in Pachacamac or Conchán

Carlos Bruce, the next mayor of Surco, talks about Arena Perú. channel N

Charles Bruce, elected mayor of Grooveruled on the closure of the Sand Peru due to the fact that the capacity was exceeded during the concert of Juan Luis Guerra. The former minister blamed the current municipal administration, because he is responsible for seeing if that place is adequate for the number of people who were projected to attend. As well as verify if the necessary security conditions are met to preserve human life in case of emergency or not.

“We have been denouncing this for weeks. That these premises, not only the one that has been closed today, but also three others that operate within the grounds of the Jockey Club, and that are set up like circus tents to accommodate 10, 15 or 20 thousand people, are not designed to maintain safety in the event of an emergency. The probability of an emergency occurring is always wide,” he told channel N.

He added that he has been denouncing this fact, which has cost him receiving attacks from the business owners of these premises saying that they are responsible and that they respect capacity. However, he said that what was seen at the concert on Tuesday in Juan Luis Guerra They are businessmen who have put human lives at risk. and the municipality of Groove It has taken four years to realize that these places are not suitable for people to have a good time without running any risk, he said.

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In addition to security, Bruce indicated that it must be taken into account that these premises generate traffic jams around the premises and generate unbearable noise that bothers all those who reside in the surroundings. “Therefore it is concluded that the Jockey Club of Peru It is not a suitable place for these concerts to be held. When we assume the mayor’s office, we are not going to allow this type of spectacle, ”he pointed out.

Arena Peru was closed for exceeding the capacity at a concert by Juan Luis Guerra
Arena Peru was closed for exceeding the capacity at a concert by Juan Luis Guerra

Another problem that generates concerts in these spaces is the escape area. As seen weeks ago at the concert of paramore, the pedestrian bridge was packed with people. In addition, there is a sidewalk five meters wide, where it is impossible for so many people to travel, the next mayor pointed out.

“If something happens, if a firecracker bursts, 20, 30 or 40 people could die. That is why we say that it is not a suitable place for this type of concert. In my tenure, these types of shows that put human life at risk are not going to be done, ”he indicated.

Along these lines, he said that these premises have been allowed to function for the last four years, putting human lives at risk.

They sanction the organizing company of the Juan Luis Guerra concert at the Arena Perú.  Instagram.
They sanction the organizing company of the Juan Luis Guerra concert at the Arena Perú. Instagram.

“Do you know how much the company pays the municipality each time it holds an event of this type? 780 soles. It’s not a huge income either. If this does not generate income, why are these events authorized? It’s inexplicableBruce said.

The future mayor pointed out that it is not only the case of Sand Peru, but of many facilities that are put together improvised, tabladillos for each event where they put 20 to 25 thousand people, which generate traffic jams in the surrounding avenues and generate annoying noise in a residential area.

“The Jockey is not the place for these concerts. These concerts should be held in areas of Pachacamac or in Playa Conchán, where no people live. Not in areas surrounded by residences, ”he said.


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