Carlos Caszely puts chips on Leonardo Gil for the Superclásico

Carlos Caszely is one of the most authorized people to talk about Colo Colo and the Superclásico. Just today he appeared on TNT Sports and analyzed what this Gustavo Quinteros team is.

“He started very badly, horribly bad, because he did not know the resonance box that Colo Colo was. This year he improved and made a 200% turn, not only him, but several players on the squad”, started.

He further added that, “He realized that in cadets there will always be players who can be at any level, because they know what the Colo Colo jersey is and because of what they know what will happen if they don’t deliver everything”.

He also continued to insist on youth elos. “That is appreciated, Colo Colo has always had financial problems, has always resorted to his youth and always goes well”, he detailed.

Leonardo Gil in Colo Colo

To finish he put his chips in a colocolino player for the Superclásico figure. “The one who is going to make the difference is Colorado Gil. Four months ago I said that Colorado has to be in the national team, he can score because he has a free kick and a good ball from outside the area, whether it be a shot or a filtered pass. “, he sentenced.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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