Carlos Sainz started better in the second start and leads the eventful Formula 1 British GP

In the second start Carlos Sainz maintained his first position over Max Verstappen (REUTERS / Matt Dunham)

The British Grand Prix Formula 1 a terrible accident started after the start in which the Chinese Guanyu Zhou ended up rolling his Alfa Romeo and the footage was creepy, but it was later reported to be in good shape. There were two other pilots who were left out due to the incident, George Russell (Mercedes) and Alex Alban (Williams).

In the departure Max Verstappen (Red Bull) started second and accounted for the poleman, Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) and another that showed off in the game was Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), which went from fifth place to third.

Although the focus changed immediately when after Russell’s touch to Zhou, the Asian it overturned and ended up between the rubber bumpers and the fence. English closed to avoid being overtaken by Pierre Gasley (Alpha Tauri) and in that maneuver he rammed the Asian. Behind them Albon took his foot off the accelerator in shock and was touched by Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin), but the Thai was also left out.

The terrible accident at the start of the British GP

The race was neutralized to serve Zhou and it was difficult to get him out of his car because of the position he was in. But then the auxiliaries managed to get him out and later the International Automobile Federation (FIA) confirmed that the three pilots were taken to the attention center for controls and the governing body reported that their health status was good.

In the second game Sainz was not wrong and argued with Verstappen for the first position, but the Spaniard was able to stay ahead. Then Max had to defend himself against the other Ferrari driven by Charles Leclerc and there was a touch between them that the stewards decided was a racing maneuver and without any penalty.

While Hamilton ratified his good pace and realized his compatriot lando norris (McLaren) and generated the ovation of his public that has as a favorite the seven-time world champion.

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1- Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 175 points

2- Czech Perez (Red Bull) 129 points

3- Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 126 points

4- George Russell (Mercedes) 111 points

5- Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) 102 points


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