Carlos Vílchez: I am happy being single

the comic actor Carlos Vílchez He commented that for now he has no marriage plans with his girlfriend Melva Bravo, but that their relationship is going much better every day, because they are “very much in love.”

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“For now we have no marriage plans, that for now is not real. But our relationship is at its best, because we are so in love”, said Vílchez, who returns today with the program ‘JB en ATV’.

Throughout the past year you have been hesitant in the program with the wedding and even Magaly Medina has promised to bear the costs…

In the program we hesitate to all and, to me, they do it with that theme… but I feel happy being single, so calm. What has to happen, will happen in its time and surely everyone will find out.

What will the 2022 season of ‘JB on ATV’ bring again?

We return with the desire to continue entertaining the public with imitations, parodies and good humor. We are all happy because we are like a family.

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A few days ago, comic actor Carlos Vílchez commented that he hopes to finalize his own program for , after the good experience he had in ‘Noche de pies’, in Latina for two seasons. He explained that in said space he would not only present humor, but also interviews and music. In addition, he pointed out that his relationship with his partner Melva Bravo is getting stronger every day, although they still do not think about marriage.

“This year has been complicated by the pandemic, but we have gotten ahead with the program (‘JB en ATV’) together with the entire cast, I feel very happy with the support that the public has given us every Saturday”, indicated Carlos Vílchez, the one who gave life to ‘La Carlota’.

Of course, it is not calm. “But I must confess that with the experience I had in ‘Paw Night’, I have been left with the ‘bug’ of continuing to run a space where there is humor, conversation and music,” he said.

You have had this idea for many months…

Exactly, but this year we have just been settling into the channel, and I hope it will materialize in 2022. Anything is possible, I am very excited, I have many ideas in my head to develop, I always have projects and that always keeps me going. active. In addition, I also plan to carry out a one-man show that I had planned to carry out in 2020 and could never be carried out due to the pandemic, there are many things to tell.

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