Carlos Vílchez opens the doors to Fátima Segovia

The comic actor Carlos Vílchez hopes that at some point Fátima Segovia, the ‘Chuecona’, will be able to return to the cast of ‘JB en ATV’, after learning that she would have requested a license from Jorge Benavides for six months, during which time she has devoted herself to success to your account in Onlyfans. In addition, she thanked the public for the support in the rating with the Saturday program.

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“I did not know that she had requested leave and if she decides to return to the cast, then welcome. I have affection and respect for her because we have worked for several years and she earned a place on the program and the public liked her participation. Also, I also respect that she is now on Onlyfans and I hope she does well”, said Carlos Vilchez.

Does the public continue to support you and keep the program ‘JB en ATV’ among the leaders of the time slot?

I am very grateful to the public for following us and having fun with us every Saturday, I am not aware of the rating but I know it is important. I like to see the reaction of the public in the street, on social networks or with my shows; Well, they always give me comments about the program and we know that we are on the right track. However, we do not sleep and we are every week doing imitations and new sequences.

How are you doing at the ‘Aunt Gloria’ circus?

I am happy to have returned to the circus because different emotions are experienced, and above all, together with Jorge (Benavides) and the boys in the cast. We have a full house and people leave happy.

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After the success on YouTube that the live show of ‘Noche de pies’ has been having, the actor Carlos Vílchez commented a few days ago that he does not rule out inviting Fátima Segovia or Xoana González to one of the shows he performs at the Canout theater.

As you remember, Fátima Segovia is no longer part of the cast of ‘JB en ATV’ and Since her foray into OnlyFans, the popular “Chuecona” has not returned to the public scene.

Given the commotion that the content of Fátima Segovia and Xoana González have been generating in Onlyfans, Carlos Vílchez said both actresses could reappear in “Night of Legs” as guests.

“Not at all (rules out his reunion with Fátima Segovia). Everything will depend on the production. But it has to be one (guest) per week. It cannot be the two together, a lot of bomb”Carlos Vílchez told Trome, who also confessed to having seen the videos of OnlyFans of the ‘Chuecona’.

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