Carmen Barbieri reacted to the meeting between Fede Bal and Laurita Fernández: “They love each other”

Carmen Barbieri’s reaction to the meeting between Fede Bal and Laurita Fernández

This week there was a chance meeting between Faith Bal and Laurita Fernandez at an event, which sparked endless rumors about a possible love affair. The dancer led a presentation attended by the actor and on social networks began to speculate about a rapprochement between the two, despite the fact that she is reconciled with Nicolas Cabré. The subject was covered in Morning (Ciudad Magazine), a program that leads Carmen Barbieri, and Fede’s mother gave her opinion about it.

The panellist Stephanie Berardi He said that, apparently, there would be a distance between Fernández and Cabré and that after the meeting at that event, something would be happening between the dancer and Bal. Another panellist, Pampito Perelló He took the floor and asked the driver what she thought about the image and the rumors. And Carmen did not avoid the bundle.

Sorry, but what about Sofia Aldrey? Fede’s girlfriend”Barbieri launched wryly. However, after that comment, he did not elaborate on how the couple’s relationship is currently, which overcame a crisis months ago and they returned to bet on love between the two. “I think it’s great that they saw each other, because they finished well. They also get along very well, they love and respect each other, ”Carmen finally said.

And to defuse the talk and try to shift the focus, the driver said that if the two got together to work as drivers, she would “I would not miss them”. And I add: “I buy them and put them as presenters, but I talk about Fede and Laura as a show couple, not as a life partner”.

About Aldrey, Barbieri noted: “Sofi is very smart. Maybe she is very jealous, but she knows how to handle the situation”. He also made it clear that he has good memories of Fernández but that he is very happy with Federico’s current girlfriend. Months ago, when Federico confirmed that he had reconciled with his girlfriend, Carmen said she was very happy about it and remarked that she has great affection for Sofía: “I know that there is an important love there”He said at the time.

Laurita and Fede
The images of Laurita Fernández and Fede Bal, together at an event (Photos: Instagram)

Fede and Laurita agreed In an event related to the gamer world, he set off the alarms and generated confusion on Instagram. Everything arose as a result of videos and photos where she is seen very close with the son of Carmen Barbieri. From the Instagram account “@ chusmeteando1” several postcards and some clips of the moment when the ex-boyfriends met on stage. Both attended this meeting in which Laurita officiated as the driver. Federico, for his part, has declared himself a great fan of video games in different interviews and that is why it is not surprising that he was one of the guests of honor on this occasion.

Laurita’s posts in her “maiden department” were initially the ones that captured curious glances, since when she first distanced herself from Cabré she had spent several weeks at home sharing some videos of dance choreography. Added to the complicity and good vibes that was visible in his reunion with Bal, the speculations did not wait.

Laurita Fernandez
The hypothesis that emerged in social networks of a possible crisis between Laurita Fernández and Nicolás Cabré (Photo: Instagram)

Also Vicky Braier, aka Juariu, known for her ability to stalk celebrities and current contestant on Masterchef Celebrity 3 (Telefe), joined with more photos of the former couple and launched a humor: “It is a necessity that this happens today, they become heroes and save us from the endless Wandagate.” While the postcards continued to be replicated on the networks, the driver Ángel de Brito spoke about the issue at the beginning of The angels of the morning this Thursday and denied a new crisis: “Laurita and Cabré are not separated, there is no distancing either, they are together “.


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