Carmen Geiss posts a photo – fans do not recognize daughter Davina

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Of: Teresa Knoll

On Instagram: Fans do not recognize the daughter of
On Instagram: Fans do not recognize the daughter of the “Geissens” © dpa / David-Wolfgang Ebener; Screenshot Instagram Carmengeiss_1965; Assembly HEADLINE24

Always exciting: A look into the life of the Geissens. However, fans are shocked by an Instagram picture. Read here why they do not recognize daughter Davina:

The millionaire family made a name for themselves at the latest with their series “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family”, which is regularly shown on RTLTWEI. But Carmen, Robert and their two daughters Davina and Shania also share their luxury life on social media. Recently, Carmen surprised with a selfie on which she can be seen with one of her daughters.

MANNHEIM24 reveals how the fans react to the photo and why they can hardly believe that it is Davina.

Carmen Geiss shared the photo that caused so much excitement on her Instagram profile without any comment. On it you can see the millionaire’s wife smiling broadly and next to her a young, pretty woman with a somewhat more serious facial expression. Probably one of her daughters, Davina or Shania – but fans don’t agree on that. (resa)

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