Carmen Gloria Bresky got her first tattoo at age 43

A few days ago, we told you that the outstanding national actress, Carmen Gloria Bresky, lived a complex family moment.

After 19 years by his side, his beloved cat «Atuna» passed away.

This was announced by the same interpreter on her social networks. «Yesterday my Atuna left, my beloved kitten who accompanied me for 19 years with her purrs and love. I honor you Nuni and I appreciate your company, and the life we ​​share together », Bresky began, very hurt.

After that he remembered the beautiful moment when he met her.

«My Nuni in my skin»

“When I found you on the street hidden in some vines, you were a little kitten of just a couple of months that they had abandoned … I heard your meows and took you in my arms and I promised you that I would take care of you forever.”

For this reason, the actress decided to create an indelible memory, and in the Mustache Tattoo studio, located on Avenida Italia, they recorded a replica of a photo that she took, where Atuna’s face is seen from the front.

“My Nuni on my skin”, wrote the former Married with Children in a video that she shared in stories, showing the result of her first tattoo.

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