Carmen Nebel meets with successor Giovanni Zarrella

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Giovanni Zarrella moderates the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”, which runs on ZDF on Saturday evenings. © Felix Hörhager / dpa / archive

The Saturday evening on ZDF has belonged to Giovanni Zarrella since September. Carmen Nebel is now meeting her successor in person for the first time on her show – and is delighted.

Berlin – Carmen Nebel is looking forward to finally getting to know her successor, Giovanni Zarrella, personally on Saturday evening.

“We had invited him to my show a few times, but unfortunately it never worked out so far. But now! ”Said the 65-year-old of“ Superillu ”about Zarrella’s planned appearance on her show“ The Most Beautiful Christmas Hits ”on December 1st.

With his “Giovanni Zarrella Show”, the 43-year-old had replaced Carmen Nebel on the Saturday evening broadcast slot in September. “Giovanni presents a new Saturday evening show on ZDF, and he’s doing it well. But that was already clear beforehand, I never had a doubt ”, Nebel praised her successor. dpa

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