Carola’s happiness! Amadeus Sögaard and the secret girlfriend are seen together

Amadeus Sögaard and his girlfriend have long chosen to lie low, but now they are showing their love.

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Carola Häggkvist and ex-husband Runar Sögaard were one of the 90s most talked about love couples.

In 1990, they got married in the Church of the Word of Life in Uppsala in front of 4,000 guests and the wedding was also broadcast on SVT. Eight years after the acclaimed wedding, the couple’s son, Amadeus Sögaard, was born.

Now Amadeus is as old as his parents were when they got married and shows off his secret girlfriend for the first time.

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Amadeus Sögaard released a documentary about his life

Last year, the documentary Amadeus was released – more than a son. There, Amadeus opens up about his life and upbringing with his famous parents.

He talks about the tough times with his parents’ divorce and how it affected him.

– And it consumed me a lot then. Having to be the one who comforts both parents somewhere. To have to grow up early somewhere. And kind of realize and talk to other outsiders, friends of theirs about things you might not want to talk about when you’re 13 and such. That’s probably the hardest thing – that you have had to be that link between.

Amadeus Sögaard Carola Häggkvist and Zoe Häggkvist

Amadeus with mother Carola and little sister Zoe at the release party for his new single.

Karin Törnblom / TT

Amadeus Sögaard’s career

Amadeus has also accomplished a lot on his own alongside his parents’ celebrity. He is a successful football player and plays for Brommapojkarna, something he has done since childhood.

Last spring, he chose to follow in Mother Carola’s footsteps and decided to invest in music.

Shows out the secret girlfriend

Amadeus has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Matilda Linderoth for several years, writes Happened.

However, the couple has avoided appearing in public, perhaps due to Amadeus’ tough upbringing.

Recently, there was a release party for Amadeus’ latest single and the couple was captured pictured together at the celebrity-tight event. This is the first official picture of the couple together and surely they are nice together?

Amadeus Sögaard and his girlfriend Matilda Linderoth

The happy couple at the release party of Amadeus’ latest single.

Karin Törnblom / TT

Carola has previously talked about how well Matilda got into the family. She has also told that she has found a new friend thanks to her son’s relationship – namely Matilda’s mother.

– It’s great fun! It’s a bonus in life – it just gets better and better with the years. I get to have happy children, and Amadeus has found such a good girl. It makes me happy, Carola has previously said Expressen.

How wonderful, we wish Amadeus and Matilda all the best!

Photo: TT

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