Caroline Costa (The Voice) in the face of criticism: "It’s not fun to read"

It’s good that we talk about it” declares at the outset Caroline Costa when you approach your Super Cross Battle against Sonia Quesada. Last Saturday, during the last stage before the live semi-final of The Voicethe 26-year-old shone on Listen by Beyonce. Facing her, Sonia delivered a stunning performance on I Will Always Love You, the Dolly Parton song that became a global hit thanks to Whitney Houston. That evening, the tele-hook audience chose to take Caroline Costa further in the adventure. A blow for Florent Pagny’s protege who left the TF1 set in tears. On social networks, this duel has ignited Internet users. Sometimes leaves to tackle Caroline Costa severely.

“Sonia deserved her place in the semi-finals. She delivered a perfect performance”

I understand their reaction. It’s not pleasant to read, I’m not going to hide it but I don’t blame them. I don’t blame them because they don’t know me, they don’t know what I’ve been through, my life, the hard times I’ve been through, the reasons why I’m like thisa, she explained to us. That my victory against Sonia surprises me, I understand it, but yes reading these kinds of messages hurt my heart, I am human. I don’t regret it, but it’s true that it’s not fun. But I hear it and I understand it.”

At 26, the one who has already shone in Incroyable Talent on M6 and participated in the musical Robin Hood with Matt Pokora says “rediscover everything thanks to The Voice“.”I’m learning a lot alongside all my classmates. Yes I lived very beautiful things younger, but I have the impression of relearning everything. I really don’t feel like I arrived one step ahead of the others. I am living the moment even more intensely than I was able to live it a few years ago. I know the value we have in those moments.

Regarding her Super Cross Battle against Sonia, Caroline Costa declares having it “lived with a lot of emotion and intensity (…) Because, like the viewers, I did not expect to pass this stage in front of her. I myself did not expect it, I found that Sonia deserved her place in the semi-finals. She delivered a perfect performance.”. For the mother of the family, The Voice was going to end during these quarter-finals.

“I felt guilt towards Sonia”

When I watch Sonia sing, I look back on my whole adventure. In my head, I say to myself ‘Caroline, look at everything around you, enjoy, this is the last time you will walk on this stage’. When I arrive on stage, I have a lump in my throat, I want to cry with emotion. No sadness or nostalgia but simply pride to have come this far. I thought “now you say goodbye to the public“. Then the drama, it’s me who passes. I think that at the moment I was even more moved than her. I even felt guilt. As soon as I saw the results, I told her asked “sorry“.

For Caroline Costa, The Voice adventure remains exceptional. “We receive a lot of love and benevolence from people. We noted the somewhat dark side of social networks but we still have to put it all into perspective. There is also a magical aspect for us. We receive a wave of love at each of our passages. Overall, the messages are positive and encouraging“.

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