Caroline (Married at first sight) denounces Axel’s behavior off camera

This Monday, May 9, Caroline de Married at first sight gave an interview to Sam Zirah. During the video, the young woman denounced the editing of the show and pointed out Axel’s behavior off camera.

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The honeymoon has turned into a storm. A few weeks ago, viewers followed the adventures of Caroline and Axel in Married at first sight. The two experts on the show had found an 80% love compatibility between the two singles. But right from the wedding, Caroline seemed doubtful of her experience. Distant, the young woman did not seem to be fulfilled alongside her companion. After a few days, the two newlyweds decided to put an end to the experience before going on their honeymoon. On screen, Axel took the lead in announcing that he wanted to end their relationship, surprising his interlocutor. Very surprised by this decision, the thirties had castigated her “male ego“, receiving a shower of criticism from viewers. Since the end of the show, Caroline and Axel have cut ties and on social networks, the two ex-weds criticize each other and the young woman very often denounces the editing of the show.

A marriage that fell apart

Regularly venting on his Instagram account, carolina was not kind to the two experts on the program while castigating the editing of the show, which showed him – according to him – in a bad light. This Monday, May 9, she granted an interview to Sam Zirah in order to come back to this experience. Throughout the video, the candidate unveiled behind the scenes of Married at first sight and her failed marriage to Axel. During this interview, she revealed that Axel would have done it “to blame” off cameras, seeing that she was not thrilled with their union. “Axel passes a little for the doggie who follows me everywhere when frankly, it was much harder than that“, she began.

Caroline denounces the editing of the show

Then, the young woman added: They really want to give the image of the benevolent guy to excess who gets pushed away by Caroline, the rough-and-ready girl. He made me feel very guilty about my celibacy. He was telling me : ‘You know when we’ve been single for three years…’ He is very often in a relationship so he did not understand my celibacy. I found it shocking to judge myself on that. He kept telling me over and over that I was stuck on the physical and I kept telling him over and over that it wasn’t just that. He really insisted. He wasn’t really listening to my feelings too“. Comments to be found in the video below from 27 minutes.

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