Carriers once again cut the lane of the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway

The La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway it is again blocked by carriers that unleashed enormous traffic chaos throughout the morning of last Wednesday. This time and in the midst of the strong operation mounted on the toll at Dock Sud to avoid demonstrations, the drivers affect one of the lanes towards La Plata and delays have already been reported.

The outage was confirmed by the road concessionaire AUBASA: “On the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway, traffic is intense in the direction of CABA with delays from Km 7 to Km 10. Towards La Plata, the exit at Km 8.5 to Calle Debenedetti is closed”, they indicated in this regard. As announced, the workers plan to block lanes around the petrochemical complex and the access roads to the port.

The carriers kept their word and returned to the route after the failure of the open negotiations with the Ministries of Transport and Energy of the Nation.

After having lifted the highway cut last Wednesday, the representative of the National Union of Carriers and Allied Workers (UNTRA), Ariel Santa Colomahad threatened that “On the routes the cuts will continue throughout the country”. For this reason, from the early hours of this Thursday morning, a strong police operation was mounted at the Dock Sud toll of the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway to prevent carriers from making a new cut in traffic.

After making that decision, the carriers ratified the continuity of the protests “for an indefinite period until the necessary measures are taken” and the new cut this Thursday is part of the threats to the Security and Transportation portfolios to be able to reconvene a meeting with the leaders and to be able to reach an agreement in the face of the shortage of diesel throughout the country.

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