Carrizo: “We are thinking of killing the boss of La Cámpora”

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 4:00 a.m.

Nicolás Carrizo, currently detained, is the head of the Copitos Band.

Nicolás Carrizo, currently detained, is the head of the Copitos Band.

On September 1 at 11:40 p.m., just two and a half hours after the assassination attempt on Cristina Kirchner, Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo wrote to one of his contacts: “We are thinking of killing the head of La Cámpora this time.” The reference is clear: they speak of Máximo Kirchner.

In his WhatsApp status, Carrizo had threatening messages. For example, three hours after the attack on CFK he uploaded a message that said: “Surely the next one will be you, Alberto! Be careful!”. Another also went up that said: “The government is vulnerable and I hope it is clear to them… We are the ones who keep these parasites up there, they are going to judge a person who would be doing the entire Argentine Nation a great favor.” He uploaded those states at approximately the same time that he sent this message where he said that they were going to assassinate Máximo.

When he went with his entire group to Telenoche, Carrizo said that those messages in his WhatsApp status were “a gilada of mine.”

“I have absolutely nothing. I handed over my cell phone. I apologize to the president. I have my political position, but it was a political gilada”, he added.

But now a new message appears in which he speaks of killing the “chief of La Cámpora” at practically the same time.

The appearance of this message from Carrizo once again shows the relationship of the attack with the violent anti-K Federal Revolution group, something that Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti has to define if she investigates in a unified manner.

Carrizo has Gastón Marano as a lawyer, closely linked to the PRO. Until a few minutes ago, he was an adviser to Senator Ignacio Torres from Chubut, no less than in the Bicameral Intelligence. When that information was made public, they asked him to step aside. But it is not the only thing.

On his website, Marano also reports that he provided services for the US embassy: “He has been trained in both Argentina and the United States of America” ​​and worked “as a supervisor of the Citizenship Office at the US Embassy. . in Buenos Aires”.

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