Cartoon, march in favor of the INE: Adán

Antonio Baranda
Reform Agency

Monday, November 21, 2022 | 2:44 p.m.

Mexico City.- The Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, described as a “caricature” the march in favor of the National Electoral Institute (INE) on November 13.

-How many people do you think will go to the demonstration? He was asked at the National Palace at the end of an event by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“Uhhh, it’s still too early to give you a forecast,” he replied.

-More than that of the Opposition in favor of the INE?

“No, that was not a march, it was a caricature of a march,” he released.

-Caricature of marching?

“Well, I say, right?”

-Why? Because of the number of people, because of what they asked for, because of the conveners?

“So leave it.”

López Hernández affirmed that those who maintain that the march that López Obrador will lead on November 27 will be a march of “carried” disrespect the people.

He stated that “several thousand” will arrive in Mexico City from his native Tabasco.

-How do you foresee the atmosphere of the march?

“With a lot of encouragement, right?”

-Isn’t it going to be an event to see what muscle the bottle caps have?

“No, it’s going to be very encouraging”

-With so many people waiting, how will security be guaranteed?

“I imagine that the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection.”

– Are they going to put up fences so that a path can be made?

“No, I think not. If he is going to advance, he will see that yes, it is 5.7 kilometers”

-How will the president advance with so many people?

“As it has always advanced, forward”

Believe -still- in constitutional reform

The head of the Segob considered that there is still a possibility that a constitutional reform in electoral matters will be approved, despite the fact that the president practically takes the so-called “plan B” for granted.

“You have to see what the commission rules and what the plenary decides, right? I think that as long as the commissions don’t meet, which I think will meet on Wednesday, we can give ourselves a final idea,” he commented.

“It depends on what they conclude because it will be after the 30th, I think, the debate in plenary.”

López Hernández affirmed that they have never negotiated anything in this matter, however, he said, they continue trying to “find coincidences.”

– Is there no way to convince the PRI to support part of the initiative?

“I believe that everything is possible and that there can be a constitutional reform in electoral matters, we are going to wait.”

“No (there are tricks up his sleeve), the content of the initiative is public, we are going to talk about it, we are going to review it, discuss it, and I hope that a consensus can be found”

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