Case: bitter, Valbuena dészingue Le Graët!

Satisfied to see his victim status recognized by justice in the sextape affair, Mathieu Valbuena still delivered what he had on his heart in the face of the lack of support displayed by the president of the FFF Nol Le Grat.

Valbuena in the French team, a distant memory

More than six years after the start of the Mathieu Valbuena sextape case, the verdict fell on Wednesday. Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema was found guilty of complicit in attempted blackmail and received a one-year suspended prison sentence and a € 75,000 fine.

Valbuena is satisfied, but …

In an interview with RMC, Valbuena said to himself satisfied What are they victim status has been recognized by justice . I think I did what seemed to me to be my duty as a citizen by filing a complaint and did not qualify for blackmail , said the Olympiacos attacking midfielder.

The 37-year-old, however, lamented the lack of support from the French Football Federation. I was very surprised, even if nothing surprises me in this environment, at the very little support from the France team. Even if she was a civil party in this story , explains the native of Bruges. Before settling accounts with President Nol Le Grat.

Le Grat, it’s mister ghost

When I was in the good days of the France team, he let go of my boots. On the other hand, when we disappear from the radars, it’s Mr. Ghost. Maybe he lost my number , launched the former Marseillais and Lyonnais, with irony, about the boss of the FFF. I received no support, he regrets. I find it a pity, because I am a victim of everything. It is proven, even if some could still doubt it.

Bitter, Valbuena recalls that this case closed the doors of the France team. has cost me one or two years of the France team, he plague. Sports have always been a priority in my career. When you are at the top level with the French team, which is a showcase, what is best done, to be beaten like this is difficult.

Benzema remains with the Blues, Valbuena accepts

Benzema, he was declared still selectable by Le Grat after the verdict of this case (read here). A decision that Valbuena does not dispute. Today, the France team needs its best players. I have never mixed this affair and the football side with Karim Benzema. Today, Didier Deschamps is here to build a group, with the World Cup in a year. I don’t allow myself to judge what to do or not to do , he concluded. With the will obviously not to add fuel to the fire.

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