Casero continues ranting and now he attacked Ventura, Rial, Tinelli, Pergolini and Cúneo

Alfredo Casero is still very nervous and continues with his hate speech on the networks.

Regardless of whether he is right or not, it seems that it is Casero himself who has the power to choose who to believe: “Only those who investigate and who we know are working for the truth. There are many who are working for the truth There are many people who have gone bankrupt in all this time. Many people who did not want to continue living because of the fear it gave them and that the average has a lot to do with it. Tinelli, Pergolini, they all have corpses, dead people, they are all responsible for do what they did, everyone is responsible for saying what they said. Just as politicians are comfortable in illicit actions to do their business”,

“What the hell that the milk sachet was punctured right at this moment, just when I was going to break the balls with the Covid and leave people locked up. Remember that the guys were going to the television programs screaming that they had to kill us because we were going out to the street. Remember everything they did to us, don’t believe them anymore,” Casero said in his defense.

There were also clubs for Luis Ventura and Jorge Rial and a special section for Santiago Cúneo who had treated him as a drug addict.

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