Cases of monkeypox rise and ask to go to the doctor for small injuries

In Argentina it was confirmed 37 cases of monkeypox and the authorities askconsult for skin lesions” to prevent contagion. In this sense, the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, expressed in the last hours that To avoid contracting the disease, it is key to “not have physical contact with people diagnosed or with skin lesions of unknown origin”, as well as “consult if one is present in the body, however minimal it may be.”

The statements of the head of the health portfolio were given in the framework of a meeting with the Argentine Network of Scientific Journalism (RAdPC). During the meeting, the national director of Epidemiology and Strategic Information, Analia Rearte, explained that in Argentina they have been diagnosed to date 37 cases of monkeypoxof which the 98.9% are young men and the majority reported having had sex with men.

“It is important to understand that contagion occurs through physical contact with an infected person, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender identity and this is very important because otherwise those people who are not men who have sex with men will think that they can be infected and this is not the caseVizzotti said. Although the condom does not create an absolute protection barrier against monkeypox because you can have contact with skin lesions during sexual intercourse, the minister emphasized that “it is an opportunity to highlight the importance of its use to prevent contagion. of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and syphilis.

A key axis of the meeting was to emphasize that the clinical presentation of the disease, that is, the symptoms that appear, “have nothing to do with the photo of bodies full of vesicles; What we are seeing are few lesions, in many cases located in the genital area or around the anus, but also in other parts of the body,” Vizzotti assured.

In case of suspicion or diagnosis, the person has to be isolated until the scabs of the lesions fall off, since the period of contagion goes from the beginning of the symptoms until that moment; while the incubation (period between contact and the appearance of lesions) ranges from 4 to 21 days.

After having lived through the experience of the coronavirus pandemic, the minister stressed the importance of “removing the connotation that isolation currently has; Anyone with chickenpox, mumps or another disease must be isolated so as not to spread it.” “This does not imply at all that you have to quarantine, or think about mandatory social isolation or that travel will be restricted; there is an abyss of difference, ”she detailed.

In this context, Rearte recalled that those living with a person diagnosed with monkeypox should avoid having sexual relations of any kind with the infected person, also caresses, kisses and hugs until the scabs have fallen off and not share glasses, clothes, sheets, towels or cutlery. And they indicated that, of the cases that occurred in Argentina, “the people living together who followed these protocols did not become infected.”

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