Cash for Rares: Frank Plasberg sells an old present

In a new XXL evening edition of “Bares for Rares” on ZDF Frank Plasberg (64) and his wife, the journalist Anne Gesthuysen (52), a special piece from his collection, which includes enamel signs, among other things. In their luggage, the couple had an old advertising sign for flashlights and batteries from the Daimon brand from the 1950s.

Even before Sven Deutschmanek (45) could begin his assessment as an expert, Plasberg admitted: “It’s a bit tricky because this is a present from a former friend. Yes, I had a past life. “He was” a little pissed off “because he called this old friend and she couldn’t remember what she paid.

Deutschmanek, among other things a specialist in old advertising, spoke of a “low-budget sign”. From the coloring and the design of the face you can clearly see that the stand comes from the 50s. However, Plasberg apparently did not agree with all of Deutschmanek’s comments, who discovered a few shortcomings and modifications. But he asked the TV chef and presenter Horst Lichter (59) and his wife with a smile: “Do you also get the impression that he is just talking badly?”

Deutschmanek later emphasized particularly positively that the main motif had “no major damage”. He therefore considered Plasberg’s desired price of 250 euros to be a “very realistic estimate”. The expert estimated an estimated amount of 250 to 320 euros.

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