Casper Janebrink’s decision: Does not move in with her pregnant girlfriend

While a divorce is underway, Casper Janebrink and new love Therese are expecting children. But there are no thoughts of cohabitation.

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It was on Valentine’s Day this year that the Heirs’ frontman Casper Janebrink announced that he and Helena Janebrink are divorcing, after 23 years as married.

“We have come to a crossroads in life where we feel it is better to live individually and be able to continue to be friends,” Casper wrote at the time. Instagram whereupon a rather chilly comment from Helena followed:

“Nice to start a new life with my young people and myself”.

Casper Janebrink is expecting a baby with new love Therese

Just a couple of months later, Casper announced that he had found love again in Therese Andersson, a real estate agent from Lerum. And recently came another shock message – they are expecting children!

– Everything has come in a pretty tight process with the divorce and that I met a new girl. She is pregnant and we are going to have children together. There is a lot to digest for everyone around. The children. Loved ones. I still think they have taken it well. When everyone has had the opportunity to process this, a little further ahead, it will work very well, he says Expressen.

– Everything has not come in the right order this time, but now life was as it was.

Casper Janebrink does not want to be cohabiting with the pregnant girlfriend

Therese, who is just over 20 years younger than Casper, has no children before, while Casper has two from her marriage to Helena.

In September, he is expected to be the father of three children, but at the moment he has no plans to interrupt the performances with the Heirs that take place at the same time, or to move in with his new love.

– We may not do that to begin with. We take it easy on that front, he says.

Photo: TT, TV4

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