Casper Janebrink’s difficult moment – gets the news on TV: "What happens now?"

The drama – which everyone missed.

Casper Janebrink’s panic – everything goes wrong here

After the commercial: Casper Janebrink’s panic – everything goes wrong here


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Casper Janebrink hardly needs an introduction. Janebrink is a multitasker and earlier this year he came out and told us that he was expecting a child with Therese Andersson, who is 20 years his junior.

Soon it will therefore be time for the child to enter the world. And the couple has already made a plan for the future.

– Absolutely, absolutely. We have planned that when the child arrives, we will live together. That is the idea, Casper Janerbrink has previously said.

At the same time, the program Över Atlanten has started to be broadcast on Discovert and Kanal 5. There, Janebrink is one of the participants, together with, among others, the football legend Kennet Andersson, Linus Wahlgren and Loreen.

Janebrink’s difficult moment – getting the news on TV: “What happens now?”

Already during the first day, it becomes dramatic when the sail breaks and the entire crew is shaken. Now everyone has to help fix a new one.

– They are two different sizes, otherwise it would have been easier to just change, says Casper Janebrink dejectedly when he discovers the mistake.

Casper Janebrink’s message of joy – great happiness with girlfriend Therese

– But it’s completely crazy if we have a sail that doesn’t actually fit. I’m getting so fucking pissed off, says the captain.

The drama then develops when the weather changes and it starts to rain.

– What makes me stressed is not knowing what is to come. I am very punctual and like to plan. If there is no schedule, I get stressed, I need to know: what happens now?, says Janebrink.

What makes the whole operation more difficult is that most of the crew are inexperienced. But then they get to grips with the problem and of course there was a huge tension – everyone tried to help.

Finally they managed to get a chapel in and everything calmed down a bit.

Casper Janebrink then gets to grips with the cooking and for dinner there will be fried rice with vegetables

– A boat special. I’ve never cooked this before, so it’s going to be exciting. I can call it Casper’s and Kennet’s (Andersson’s) broccoli rice, concludes the popular multitasker, Casper Janebrink.

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