Casting show: "The Voice": New rules for sing-offs cause confusion

For the first time, the audience can also have a say in the sing-offs of “The Voice”. The new rules are not going down well with everyone.

ProSieben and Sat.1 gave viewers all kinds of modernization measures in the 11th season of “The Voice of Germany“Already presented. So it is only logical that the broadcasters also start with a new set of rules in the first episode of the Sing-Offs. For the first time, viewers in front of the television can also have a say. But the” how “ensures Confusion.

It is almost the motto of this year’s “The Voice” season: “That has never happened before!” Exclaimed moderator Lena Gercke excitedly as she and her colleague Thore Schölermann step onto the stage and present the innovations. the Sing-Offs are not only live this time, but also a very relaxed entertainment program for the four coaches: They only have to choose one talent from their team to reach the quarter-finals. The other two are chosen by the audience at home.

In the first Sing-Off episode, the teams of Nico Santos and Johannes Oerding compete: First in a kind of Kelly Family appearance with the entire team and the respective team Coach, then each talent has an individual appearance. The viewers vote on the station apps for the candidates and choose them on the two “hot seats” – two large red armchairs. Whoever has collected the most percentage points in the ranking at the end, moves on to the next round.

However: That audience May vote for all talents from the beginning of the show – even for those who have not yet performed. The ranking is continuously updated in the live show, and the people on the hot seats are exchanged if necessary.

“The Voice”: A singer from the beginning on “Hot Seat”

The effects of such a dynamic voting system can be seen in the Johannes team: there, the spectators vote for the candidate Ann Sophie Dürmeyer right after the group performance on the hot seat – long before their individual performance. The 30-year-old is already known to many from her participation in the 2015 “Eurovision Song Contest”. This is also part of the new voting concept: whether a talent is better known or more popular than all the others is reflected on the red chairs in real time.

“The pressure is on”, the singer comments on her entry – the pressure is increasing. In the end, Dürmeyer actually delivers one of the strongest and most varied appearances on the show with her own interpretation of the Radiohead classic “Creep”. The audience and the coaches in the hall acknowledge the last performance of the evening Standing Ovations. But does the candidate keep her place in the inconsistent voting of the spectators on the smartphones?

New rules in “The Voice” do not go down well with everyone

Meanwhile, they are complaining about the new voting system elsewhere. It is not fair that talents can be voted into the hot seats before their performance, it is said on Twitter. In fact it works singing Tonight something with the constant updates of the lists under: A large part of the program consists of Gercke and Schölermann staring at a gigantic smartphone display with bars or shouting frenetically into the hall that “everything can change at any time”.

The prophecy comes true: When Team Nico designed the first half of the show, a real one developed on the hot seats Chair polonaise. After almost every appearance, a new talent is at the top of the ranking. After almost every appearance, the moderation duo pityingly sends a seated throne back to the lounge. The rest of the team sits there in a less desirable armchair landscape and smiles at the camera every time it pans.

“I wonder why the coaches have decided here all these years,” shouts Schölermann shortly before the chair move back into a new group. the annoy of the talents who first thought about it one round and then fell in the ranking, can perhaps answer this question for him.

“The Voice” coach Elif causes a big surprise

It takes almost two hours before the first definitive one that evening decision falls, and then another 80 minutes until the second. When Gercke and Schölermann finished the voting, the audience in the Nico team voted hardest for the South African musical singer Gugu Zulu and the Würzburg surfer Kati Lamberts. Santos himself sends 63-year-old American Jennifer Williams-Braun to the quarter-finals. In the Johannes team, Ann Sophie Dürmeyer defends her hot seat even after her appearance. With her, Oppurger Sebastian Krenz and Zeynep Avci from Berlin make it one round further.

Shortly before Schölermann went to the subsequent celebrity magazine “red!” hands over, a person surprisingly steps out of the backstage area onto the stage who the audience has not yet seen that evening. It’s Coach Elif, one of the talents on the “Comeback Stage” second chance gives. She saves Lena Belgart and Linda Elsener from leaving and thus ensures such great jumps in joy that Schölermann reminds again that everyone here is “vaccinated and tested” today.

“I have the last word here, I would say,” comments Elif meanwhile decision. You can do what you want from the new rules for “The Voice”: They create tension. And literally until the last moment.

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