Caszely continues with his acting skills and acts in a film about the pandemic

Carlos Caszely has shown that he is not only good for the ball, becoming an idol of Colo Colo, but also has some acting skills that he has been polishing little by little.

In fact, the club’s historic scorer has already made several plays in relation to Colo Colo, so he has experience in the field of acting. Today he participated in a Chilean film related to the pandemic. “It was a lot of fun, because I laugh at myself, which is healthy,” he said.

Then he added that, “When I retired from soccer I had classes with the theater director Hugo Miller. And I acted in the film ‘Delantero Romano’, with Felipe Braun and Paz Bascuñán, and in ‘Consuelo’, with Loreto Valenzuela and Sebastián Dahm. In addition, I did the documentary ‘Rebeldes del Fútbol’, with Eric Cantona “.

He further added that, “I was also in plays such as ‘Who is Chile’. The truth is that I have done several little things. I am going little by little, I am just in the children’s acting, but one day I will be like Héctor Noguera, at least I can reach his age (84) “.

Finally, he reviewed his scene in the movie. “When I introduce myself and greet the boyfriend, they all started to get in and say that I was Caszely, but there was no shortage of the silly who remembered the penalty in Spain. I replied that to lose it you had to throw it away first. It’s a small role, they are only three scenes, but as I told you, I’m just in the children’s “, he sentenced.

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