Caszely falls hard on Vecchio amid controversy

The truth of Emiliano Vecchio about going back against the Spanish Union in the definition of the 2013 Transition tournament continues to leave filings. The former 10 albo declassified what was an open secret for many years, generating the annoyance of a large part of the Colo Colo fans.

One who joined the criticism of the current Rosario Central midfielder was Carlos Caszely, who fell hard on the Argentine for his attitude wearing the Cacique shirt.

In conversation with him RedGol site the King of the Square Meter stated emphatically that “It seemed horrible to me, never in my life, and I was 20-somethings in Colo Colo, something like this never happened.”

“A player who came out of Colo Colo cadets wants to win even in the pichanga, in the ‘tontito’ of training, a player who was born in Colo Colo has never ever done that”, added the historic Cacique forward.

These criticisms are in addition to those made by another former historic white man like Leonel Herrera, who stated in a talk with La Tercera that “It hurts me more because I defended Unión and, on the contrary, all you wanted was to beat your former team. The thing about Vecchio is to put him in prison ”.

The controversy surrounding Vecchio is far from over. | Photo: UNO Agency.

A controversy that continues to generate criticism from Colo Colo, especially from those who defended the alba shirt for years. Emiliano Vecchio’s act is unforgivable for them.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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