Cat Double! Juan Martín Lucero puts the second for Colo Colo against Deportes Temuco

Colo Colo is a storm in the south and marks the second against Deportes Temuco.

© Agency OneJuan Martín Lucero marks the second for Colo Colo

Colo Colo faces Deportes Temuco for the 16th round of Copa Chile. The Cacique arrived with the obligation to win and he understood it perfectly, since he left with all the commitment in the Germán Becker.

First it was at 6 minutes, where a corner from Leonardo Gil was combed by Esteban Pavez at the near post and Juan Martín Lucero, at the mouth of the goal, scored the first, unleashing the hubbub of the colocolinos.

But the Cacique continued to grind. It is that the cast of Gustavo Quinteros recovered his memory and scored again after 20 minutes. Vicente Pizarro grabbed the ball, raised his head and hit it with a left foot that found a rebound off Gabriel Costa. From the ground, the Peruvian insisted and found the weak resistance of the Temuquense defense. It was Lucero who captured the rebound and put the second for the whites.

With the goal, Juan Martín Lucero reaches 13 goals in Colo Colo after 22 games played with the alba shirt. In this way, Popular begins to cement its classification for the next phase of Copa Chile.

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