Catastrophic interim balance: After the introduction of the new catalog of fines – increasing number of violations cannot be punished due to lack of staff


Catastrophic interim balance: After the introduction of the new catalog of fines - increasing number of violations cannot be punished due to lack of staff

Berlin (ots)

Can you step on the gas pedal with impunity on Saxony’s autobahns? Are there still penalties for traffic violations in Berlin? Currently, numerous road users are not prosecuted for offenses such as speed and distance violations. The reason for this is a personnel emergency in the respective fine offices.

More than every second traffic violation in Saxony goes unpunished

According to information from, the police in Saxony sent 224,670 speed camera photos in 2021 alone. However, only 82,700 cases resulted in fines, while 69,120 allegations of fines simply became statute-barred. Another 72,850 cases could not be pursued because the material was allegedly too bad.

The same applies to the capital. According to research by the Berliner Zeitung, the city of Berlin recorded around 50 percent more income than in the previous year at 81 million euros by the end of September due to the stricter sanctions following the amendment to the fine. But the statute of limitations also increased by 150 percent, and in the case of speed violations by an incredible 250 percent. It can be assumed that the situation at the fine offices in other federal states is similar.

Lack of staff at the fine authorities?

The fact that the fine authorities cannot keep up with the procedures is apparently due to a lack of staff and outdated technology. Instead of increasing the number of employees in the authorities in view of the increasing number of violations as a result of the new catalog of fines, more and more people were withdrawn or reported sick in the course of the corona pandemic.

High revenue losses of the fine offices in Saxony and Berlin

As reports, the state administration estimates that the Free State of Saxony has already lost around 6.5 million revenues from possible fines since 2021. The 20,000 unpunished speeding offenses in Berlin alone could mean a loss of around 1.1 million euros, even assuming the smallest fine of 55 euros. In addition, road safety is no longer adequately guaranteed due to non-prosecution of violations. denounces the lack of prosecution justice

Anyone who is flashed on German autobahns these days will not necessarily be asked to pay. But who is fined and who isn’t? Jan Ginhold is the managing director of CODUKA GmbH, which has been successfully campaigning for the concerns of road users for years with the service. For him, this is an injustice.

“It can’t be the case that the self-employed father who depends on his driver’s license is prosecuted for a traffic violation and a person who is less affected by the driving ban is not,” said Ginhold. Such arbitrariness in the punishment of traffic violations should not be continued in this way.

What you should know about the statute of limitations for fines

And how should you behave if you’ve been flashed and then haven’t heard from the fine authorities for a long time? Allegations of fines become statute-barred if the person concerned has still not received any mail from the fine office three months after the time of the violation. However, the limitation period can be extended by a further three months to a maximum of six months by sending a hearing form.

A fine notice issued after the statute of limitations can usually be ignored. “But even better,” says Ginhold, “the recipient of the fine should contact to have lawyers specializing in traffic law confirm the statute of limitations. By looking at the fine file, they can determine whether the statute of limitations really applies.”

Always have allegations of fines checked via

At, CODUKA GmbH works closely with large law firms and enables those affected to defend themselves against fines, points and driving bans.

The numbers are impressive. The team receives a flood of inquiries every day. 12% of the cases handled are discontinued, with a further 35% there is the possibility of a reduction in sentence.

Due to the use of legal tech solutions, CODUKA GmbH is doing pioneering work in the field of litigation financing.

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