Cruel Summer (Prime Video): will there be a season 2?

The last seconds of season 1 of Cruel Summer, a series available on Amazon Prime Video, created a surprise and many viewers saw nothing coming. Is a season 2 therefore planned? Since its release in early August on Amazon Prime Video, Cruel Summer is the series that made you vibrate! Mysterious, gripping and astonishing, this

*** PICTURE plus content *** Prince Andrews SILENCE IS EAR-STUNNING – Charles: There is no going back to the public

Prince Andrew’s silence is deafening | Charles: There’s no going back to the public Further abuse lawsuit threatens ++ Andrew now has to answer these 5 key questions Foto: picture alliance / empics published on 08/13/2021 – 8:10 pm For Prince Andrew (61) it is getting more and more serious in the abuse scandal involving

Art project: In the Allbauhaus in Essen, compost becomes an art experience

Essen. Clay, coke and pigeon droppings: In the former Allbauhaus, the walk-in installation “Absorption” provides an unusual exhibition experience. The image of the museum as a laboratory is now somewhat exhausted in the art world. After all, the place where you see things differently and differently is itself determined by standards and specifications – especially