Sulekha lost an intense sawing duel – kept the damage hidden

The battle to get back on the farm was palpable, as interpreter and translator Sulekha Geele (36) and business manager Grethe Enlid (49) competed in sawing in the second duel of the season. There was a very passive aggressive atmosphere between the ladies, when Enlid chose Geele as second champion. Sulekha has made an agreement

Spa, gym and dream view: how is the luxurious hotel where Vicky Xipolitakis stayed in Bariloche

This winter, Bariloche received a large number of celebrities as a way to prepare for spring and summer. In this context, one of the personalities who most enjoyed this tourist destination was Vicky Xipolitakis, who traveled there together with his son. Former MasterChef Celebrity contestant He had already been in Mendoza, together with Marley, on

Musical: Starlight Express: Fans celebrate restart after Corona break

Bochum. After an 18-month Corona break, Bochum has put its successful musical back on the rails. The audience celebrates under a starry sky. Voe kfu {u spmmu fs xjslmjdi xjfefs² = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / xb {/ef0tubfeuf0cpdivn0ofvtubsu.gvfs.tubsmjhiu.ejftf.qspnjt.lpnnfo. {vs.qsfnjfsf.je344568478 / iunm # ​​ujumfµ # xxx / xb {/ ef #? Obdi 29 Npobufo Dpspob.Qbvtf