Covid-19: why is the number of cases exploding in the United Kingdom?

Covid-19: London "watch very closely" a sub-variant of the Delta, the AYA.2

With vaccination coverage similar to France, the British are facing a new epidemic wave. Explanations. Long established as a European model for its management of the pandemic, today the United Kingdom sees red. More than 45,000 new daily cases of Covid-19 have been identified in the past week. In comparison, with almost equivalent vaccination coverage,

Deadlines, donation of gametes: the challenges raised by the explosion in requests for assisted reproduction

Robin Verner

The bioethics law, adopted in early August, extended medically assisted procreation to all women. This has sparked an explosion of requests according to specialists. However, gamete donations fail to keep pace with the appointments. Adopted on August 2, and published the next day in the Official Journal, the bioethics law was engraved here almost three

Magnesium: Here’s How It Can Help You Against Leg Cramps

Magnesium: Here's How It Can Help You Against Leg Cramps

Calf cramps: This is how they arise, here’s what you can do about it So helps Magnesium for calf cramps Magnesiummangel can be prevented with the right diet Tips against leg cramps Occurring suddenly Muscle cramps in the calves can be very uncomfortable. The taking of Magnesium is considered to be an effective remedy for

Condition the health pass on a vaccination booster? According to Gabriel Attal, "it’s a track that is gaining ground"

Salome Vincendon

Recalling that the effectiveness of the vaccination against Covid-19 wanes over time, the government spokesperson encouraged the eligible population to receive a booster dose. Condition the health pass to the injection of a booster dose? While six million people in France are eligible for a vaccine booster dose against Covid-19, only a third have received