India approves DNA vaccine against Covid

Mexico City— India’s drug regulator approved the world’s first DNA vaccine against Covid-19 for emergency use. According to an interim study cited by vaccine manufacturer Cadila Healthcare, the three-dose ZyCoV-D vaccine prevented symptomatic disease in 66 percent of those immunized. Previous DNA vaccines have worked well in animals, but not in humans. India has so

Tips for choosing a pre-owned car in good condition

Have a auto It has become a necessity, especially in this time of a pandemic where having one represents the possibility of mobilizing in a safer way. Therefore, OLX Autos Peru, shares the following recommendations if you are thinking of buying a pre-owned car, which are currently being highly requested thanks to their low costs

What should I eat to prevent respiratory diseases?

We are in the midst of a seasonal change and people must take precautions to take care of our health to avoid respiratory diseases that could compromise us in this harsh context in the face of Covid-19. Low temperatures, environmental conditions such as confinement, greater physical proximity and lack of ventilation in common areas facilitate