LIVE – 1,416 new cases in 24 hours: explosive figures for the epidemic in French Polynesia

8:01 “The evolution of the epidemic is explosive and catastrophic”: the president of the Polynesian liberal doctors’ union testifies Didier Bondoux is president of the union of liberal doctors in Tahiti. This Saturday he gave his testimony on the situation of the Polynesian health system, while the territory must be reconfigured, for two weeks, from

Are you looking for a job? Meet, a work social network

Since the pandemic began, more than 300,000 jobs have been lost in our country, according to statistics from the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE). In this context, was born, a virtual and free platform where the person who was left without a job can show their skills and experience in different areas.

Health: When should women go to the urologist?

Health. Urology is usually associated with men; however, women can also use this specialty. But when should we visit the urologist? For Ibrahín Echeverría, urologist at the Urozen clinic, it should be when you feel discomfort related to the urinary tract and the following symptoms appear: LOOK: Five common myths about vasectomy 1. Blood in