Disappointment of the Kruse: declares the driver of the Fiat Kubo

Thursday September 30, 2021 | 7:54 am. A week after the collision and subsequent dismissal of a group of the Kruse company in the town of Gobernador Roca and where the driver and two passengers died from the various injuries suffered, it is expected that in the course of the day today testimonial statement is

Vaccination booths still in shopping centers in October

30.09.2021 15:43 (Akt. 30.09.2021 15:43) Even in October there is still the possibility to be immunized in one of the vaccination booths. ©VOL.AT/Steurer Thanks to high demand, pop-up vaccination booths in shopping centers will also remain open in October Рthe vaccination bus will be parked at the Bregenz Kornmarktplatz for two days. So that

Thousands of employees in Berlin authorities unable to work after an IT failure

Thousands of employees in the Berlin administration were condemned to inactivity on Thursday. Because IT problems arose in individual senate administrations, including the judiciary and interior administration, individual programs, and sometimes even the entire computer, do not work. What caused the malfunction and when it will be resolved is currently unclear. Troubleshooting continues at the