Maximum sentence for murderer of Sarah Everard from London

In London a verdict was given in the case of the murder Sarah Everard, who caused a stir in the spring. The perpetrator is a police officer who kidnapped the woman on an excuse. Londoner Sarah Everard’s murderer has to spend the rest of his life behind bars. The Old Bailey Criminal Court in the

Science: the Carmat company continues its development of artificial hearts

Posted the 09/30/2021 2:11 PM Video length: 9 min. Franceinfo Article written by This Thursday, September 30, Franceinfo’s 11pm news report decided to highlight World Heart Day. Stéphane Piat, CEO of Carmat, is invited to the set to discuss this subject. Thursday September 30, on World Heart Day, doctors and associations warn about cardiovascular diseases.

Sunniva Borgen (23) is present today

– You were the best of the best, the most beautiful of the beautiful and the kindest of the kind, said the mother of the Sunniva Castle in the church. She described her daughter as a person with a burning commitment to others. – You were so close to all of us. We are so

Legislative election in Germany: Armin Laschet congratulates Olaf Scholz but does not recognize his defeat

Posted the 09/30/2021 2:08 PM Video length: 1 min. Franceinfo Article written by Armin Laschet and Olaf Scholz were the two favorites for the post of chancellor in Germany. Predicted in the legislative elections by Olaf Scholz, Armin Laschet timidly congratulated his opponent. Laurent Desbonnets journalist at France Télévisions takes stock of the situation from

Sabaleros fans have lined up at dawn to associate in Colón

The sabaleros fans they bet from the early morning in front of the headquarters of the Colón club to regularize their situation before the institution and thus get a ticket to witness Monday’s game against Banfield, a historic meeting because it was the first with an audience since the beginning of the pandemic and since