Bundestag election: Olaf Scholz and the fear of the penalty

For a long time, Olaf Scholz was considered hopeless in the race for the Chancellery. But now he’s the most popular of three unpopular candidates. During a tour of his constituency in Potsdam, he is optimistic. Olaf Scholz SPD candidate for chancellor “There is now momentum to be felt. The polls for me are very,

Afghanistan: Taliban Victory: Why is the Afghan Army So Weak?

Berlin . The Taliban’s triumphant advance is an expression of the weakness of the Afghan army: corruption and ethnic tensions wear down the troops. It’s a scene that is indicative of what the world is now in Afghanistan experienced: The radical Islamists of the Taliban take one city after another in just a few days,

Taliban invaded Kabul

First, the news channel TOLO News reported on Ghani’s departure. A senior official from the Afghan Interior Ministry said Ghani was headed to neighboring Tajikistan. Abdullah said in a video posted on his Facebook page on Sunday: “The ‘former’ Afghan president has left the nation.” This was not confirmed from the presidential office in Kabul.

Afghanistan: Afghanistan: This is how the Taliban could advance

Accept The Taliban control more and more cities in Afghanistan. But this is not a “blitzkrieg” – it has been prepared for a long time. “It might be like last time. So they took Kabul overnight, ”says Ahmad Jawed, 30, from Accept. When the radical Islamist Taliban first took the Afghan capital 25 years ago,