What is Google Analytics and what is it for?

Google Analytics is one of the free tools that Google makes available to users. It is your traffic measurement platform; In other words, it measures how many people enter a website or one of its pages (sections). For someone who has never had contact with her, imagine that they must access through an internet browser

« Saint Laurent », hot couture

Thus Yves Saint Laurent would have died in 1976. This is the symbolic postulate, inspired by a rumor of the time, which splits “Saint Laurent” into two parts. The front, where Bonello films the great couturier (Gaspard Ulliel, ideal) as a delicate artist then star designer, Narcisse dandyesque (all those mirrors!) Consumed by his discomfort

He violent and threatens his companion: an Algerian condemned in France

In Europe, violence against women is hardly tolerated, neither by society, and even less by law. It is the culture that Algerians living in France, generally in an irregular situation, have not yet digested. Indeed, three years in prison including two years with a warrant of committal were pronounced against a 36-year-old man, prosecuted for

Robotín gives Robotina a ring as a symbol of reconciliation

Robotín kneels down and asks Robotina to reconcile. (Photo: TV Capture) Love was more! A few weeks ago the end of the relationship between Robotín and Robotina caused great surprise among their followers. And it is that the street comedian, Alan Castillo, announced from one moment to another that he was a single man after

Turkey and Africa agree to strengthen ties

At the end of this meeting on Saturday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to send 15 million doses of anti-Covid vaccines to Africa, left behind in global distribution despite the appearance and identification for the first time of the new Omicron variant in South Africa and Botswana. Ankara has invested a lot in Africa over

SRF correspondent Luzia Tschirky is "Journalist of the year" in Switzerland

18.12.2021 – 15:42 Medienfachverlag Oberauer GmbH Zurich (ots) This year’s ranking of the “Journalists of the year” broke records. 1280 people voted – and left more than 2200 comments. In an interview with the “Schweizer Journalist: in”, Luzia Tschirky talks about her everyday life as a correspondent in Russia – and her kidnapping in Minsk