Hospital, yellow vests, shocking sentences … The regrets of Emmanuel Macron at the end of his five-year term

The President of the Republic, while admitting to have been able to “hurt” by some of his outings, nevertheless deplored being “in a society of decontextualization”. A five-year term marred by controversial remarks. Invited to react on TF1 on several of his outings that occurred during his mandate as President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron

Biden promises extensive help after tornadoes

After the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky, with dozens of deaths, US President Joe Biden has promised the state and the affected local residents all possible government aid. He will do everything in his power to help rebuild – and for as long as necessary, promised Biden on Wednesday during a visit to the disaster area.

Corruption has been eradicated from the PJF, presumes Zaldívar

Mexico City.- Tolerated corruption, nepotism and influence peddling have been eradicated from the Federal Judicial Branch (PJF), the President of the Supreme Court of Justice affirmed today when rendering his third annual report. “I can categorically affirm that in the Federation’s Judicial Power there is no longer tolerated or institutionalized corruption, there is no longer

Biden, Kentucky, hit by devastating tornadoes

The 79-year-old Democrat, after a helicopter flight, strolled through Mayfield, one of the communities most affected by the tornadoes that swept through this rural and conservative state in the southeastern United States last Friday, making it to minus 74 deaths. We saw him talk to locals, and stop in the street for a short moment

BMV and Biva cut fall after Federal Reserve announcement

The Mexican stock exchange (BMV) closed the negotiations this Wednesday with a moderate fall. The local stock market trimmed its strong loss from the open after a monetary policy announcement from the Federal Reserve, the last of this year, in line with expectations by analysts and the market. The benchmark index S&P/BMV IPC, made up

They modify logistics for anticovid reinforcement; long lines disappear at the Olympic Stadium

Photo: Efrén Argüelles. [{“src”:””,”opts”:{“caption”:”Foto: Efru00e9n Argu00fcelles. “,”thumb”:””}},{“src”:””,”opts”:{“caption”:”Foto: Efru00e9n Argu00fcelles. “,”thumb”:””}}] After the long lines registered on Tuesday at the University Olympic Stadium, where older adults spent up to two hours under the intense sun to obtain the application of the reinforcement against covid-19, this Wednesday the logistics were modified. The change consists of a strategy

A family needed $ 73,917 in November to avoid being poor

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) published the November report and stressed that a typical family, made up of two adults and two boys, needed an income of more than $ 74,000 in November to overcome the poverty line. In contrast, to overcome indigence, a typical household needed $ 31,700. These data arise