Windows 11 SE wallpaper is now available from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft unveiled and presented a “new” operating system called Windows 11 SE a week ago. Of course, this is not really a new operating system, but an edition adapted for educational purposes. Among other things, the background images are new. Windows 11 SE can best be described as the “Lite” version of the latest Microsoft

How and at what time to appreciate the next Lunar Eclipse in America

The eclipses they always manage to capture everyone’s attention. They are loaded with unique beauty and super powerful energy, which is why they attract large masses every time they occur. And in this 2021, those who inhabit North America will be able to enjoy an incredible show. And it is that the next lunar eclipse

Phil Spencer is not a fan of NFT

It seems that we got to learn new buzzwords as soon as the big companies decided to at least to some extent slim down microtransactions and loot boxes. Instead, there has been a lot of talk about blockchains and NFT (non-fungible tokens) lately. Basically a way to own rights to digital content This is something

Amazon refuses Visa: consequences in France?

It is never trivial when a merchant, especially on the internet, departs from one of the main payment networks. Mastercard and Visa have already chosen to distance themselves from partners, especially when the latter did not respect their policy in terms of legality and principles. Today, a much bigger announcement again and fell. Amazon in