The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes | Review, shared horror

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes |  Review, shared horror

Punctual as every year, Supermassive Games ritorna con House of Ashes e la sua Anthology, The Dark Pictures, a collection of five stories that, from year to year, explores different genres of horror and various legends. Under a climate that smells like Halloween, we launched ourselves – alone and in company – in the exploration

NETFLIX Round 6 series hits; but it’s controversial

NETFLIX Round 6 series hits;  but it's controversial

The South Korean series recently arrived in the catalog of Netflix and is a huge success, breaking audience records on the platform. But what is so special about this series? That’s what many are trying to understand, because it brings scenes that are very strong and involving children’s games. Round 6 is among the highlights

PayPal would offer $ 45 billion to buy Pinterest


It could well be the biggest acquisition of the year in the tech world. According to an article published by Bloomberg, PayPal has approached Pinterest to acquire the social network. And the leader in online payments has reportedly offered to buy Pinterest at $ 70 per share, which would value it at $ 45 billion.

UK petrol stations have returned to normal fuel supply

The supply of fuel at UK petrol stations has returned to normal, according to government figures. The BBC reported today, citing statistics from the British Department of Commerce. According to this, the inventories at gas stations in the United Kingdom have risen again to 45 percent on average – the last time in May. Just