France: the CSA asks the media to count the speaking time of Eric Zemmour

Day after day, polemicist Eric Zemmour seems to be getting closer to a presidential candidacy. Lhe Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) asks the audiovisual media to “count”, from Thursday, “the interventions” of the flagship polemicist of CNews, Eric Zemmour, “relating to the national political debate”, in a decision rendered public Wednesday. “In view of recent developments”,

Nord Stream 2 is finally born

The gas pipeline must double the capacities of its big brother Nord Stream 1. And therefore deliver more Russian gas to Germany and then to the rest of Europe. Behind this 10 billion euros project: a complex economic-diplomatic imbroglio Correspondent in Moscow VLadimir Putin wanted it. Russians and Germans have done it. The Nord Stream

Outrage in Spain after violent homophobic aggression

At around 5 p.m. on Sunday, the 20-year-old victim was attacked by eight masked people in the lobby of his building. LThe Spanish government on Tuesday strongly condemned the violent assault in broad daylight on Sunday of a young homosexual in central Madrid, an attack for which the police are still looking for the eight

Paris attacks: Darmanin calls for maximum vigilance during the trial

The minister consequently ordered his executives to maintain “a high level of vigilance, especially around places of worship, places of learning, large gatherings”. Gérald Darmanin asked those responsible for the security of the territory “a high level of vigilance”, particularly around the places classified as sensitive, during the trial of the attacks of November 13,

Climate: summer 2021 was the hottest on record in Europe

The temperature for June, July and August 2021 in Europe was almost 1% higher than the 1991-2020 average. L‘Europe had its hottest summer on record in 2021, C3S, the climate change-focused service within the European Earth observation program Copernicus, said on Tuesday. The average temperature for June, July and August 2021 in Europe was almost

Elections without much passion in Morocco this Wednesday

Will Moroccans come in droves for the legislative and local elections on September 9? Nothing is less sure. Cn Wednesday, some 18 million Moroccans are called to renew their Parliament and local assemblies. As always in the Cherifian kingdom, participation will remain a major issue – in 2016, only 43% of voters turned out, an