The failure of the war on terrorism

A first plane which crashes into a tower, a second a few minutes later, “bodies” which jump through the gaping holes of shattered floors. And the staring world, dumbfounded … Ln September 11, 2001, our lives came to a standstill during those few minutes. Marked forever because New York was a metaphor for absolute security,

Jurassic era ‘flying dragon’ first identified (photo)

An extraordinary discovery. UA team of Chilean scientists has identified for the first time in the Atacama Desert the fossil remains of a ‘flying dragon’, a Jurassic-era dinosaur that had previously only been identified in the northern hemisphere, announced Friday the University of Chile. During an expedition in 2009 to Cerritos Bayos, an area of

Between Tunisia and Italy, migrants who did not want to be rescued

When MSF approaches a migrant boat in need of intervention that evening, the 34 Tunisians on board, including very young children, are convinced that they are reinforcements from the Tunisian coast guard. They are terrified and reject help. Rescuers will have to chat for nearly 40 minutes to calm them down. Reportage SPECIAL ENTRY TO

The Pope in Hungary and the opportunist Christianity of Viktor Orbán

Francis pronounces Sunday the closing mass of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. An express visit against a background of discord with the Magyar Prime Minister, instrumentalizing the religious fact. Correspondent in Budapest DIn front of the Millennium Monument in Heroes ‘Square, an imposing platform awaits Pope Francis’ mass, the high point of the 52nd International