Italy: what changes for travelers who want to go there

Faced with the spread of the omicron variant, several countries are stepping up health measures for foreign travelers. This is particularly the case for France and Italy. Here’s what changes if you want to get there. Unsplash. By Belga Published on 12/15/2021 11:28 AM Reading time: 2 min LItaly announced a restriction of entry conditions

Afghanistan: Amnesty denounces repeated war crimes and systematic killings

A new Amnesty International report documents numerous attacks and abuses committed against civilians by the Taliban, the US military and Afghan security forces. Article reserved for subscribers Head of the World Department By Philippe de Boeck Published on 12/15/2021 12:01 AM Reading time: 3 min Lhe months leading up to the fall of the government

Coronavirus: Italy demands new measures for all European travelers

All travelers from the European Union (EU) who wish to enter Italy will have to be able to submit a negative corona test from December 16, Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced on Tuesday. By Belga Published on 12/14/2021 9:00 PM Reading time: 1 min LTravelers who have not been vaccinated will have to observe a

Biden laments “one of the worst tornado series” in US history

US President Joe Biden lamented Saturday “one of the worst series of tornadoes” in the history of the United States after the devastation observed in five states of the country. By the editorial staff Published on 12/11/2021 10:55 PM Reading time: 1 min C‘is a tragedy, “he said,” and we still don’t know how many

Washington sends envoy to Ukraine and Russia

Deputy US Secretary of State for Europe Karen Donfried will visit Ukraine and Russia next week for talks on military escalation on the border between the two countries, where Moscow is massing troops, said. Saturday the State Department. Ukrainian army reservists. – Reuters Par AFP Posted on 12/11/2021 6:50 PM Reading time: 2 min Karen

Tornadoes, a devastating phenomenon still little understood

Tornadoes are a common meteorological phenomenon in the United States, sometimes devastating, but the origin of which cannot yet be fully explained. “The mystery remains great around tornadoes. They are rare, deadly, and difficult to predict, ”says the National Severe Storms Laboratory of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA). What is known, however,

Netherlands: man suspected of selling coronavirus in flapules

A Dutchman, suspected of selling the coronavirus in flaps, has been arrested. Photo pretext. – Photo News. By ANP and DPA Published on 12/11/2021 3:29 PM Reading time: 2 min UA man was arrested in the Netherlands, and then released, for his links to a website that allowed ordering flapules (small, single-use liquid containers) to