Caterine Ibargüen responds to a racist attack that branded her as having a “white life”

“You are the rogue version of having won something.  Total disappointment,
“You are the rogue version of having won something. Total disappointment, “wrote the citizen in the medalist’s Instagram chat. REUTERS / Dylan Martinez REFILE – CORRECTING ID

Caterine Ibargüen, one of the most important women for the national sport, shared, through her social networks, a screenshot of the disrespectful messages that a user had sent to her Instagram chat. The man, who identifies himself as Jonathan López M., attacked the Olympic medalist because of her skin color, and questioned the way in which Caterine spends her money. The athlete did not hesitate to make the conversation public and question this type of behavior. With two sentences, and a GIF of a sign that says ‘STOP’, Ibargüen confronted the racist attack.

“In something ‘you got it right’, the money is not made alone, you have to win whatever it is. That life of ‘white’ does not take place alone. Successes, Olympic medalist “read one of Jonathan’s messages. “Eating in ‘exclusive’ places, having a ‘pure’ dog, living in a ‘good’ apartment. You are the rogue version of having won something. Total disappointment”, added the user in a second text. Caterine usually shares what she does in her daily life with her followers, a situation that apparently would have annoyed the follower. “How should black women live in this country? What is life like for black people? “answered the one born in Apartadó, in Antioquia.

Caterine Ibargüen
Caterine Ibargüen

After making the chat with that citizen public, the athlete did not speak more about the subject and, instead, showed the funny moments that she spent with her friends at the National Theater when attending the musical montage of ‘Hombres a la Plancha’, in the one that singers and actors like Karoll Márquez, Juan Manuel Medina, Carlos Montaño, Alejandro González and Juan Manuel Mendoza. Caterine was applauded by the crowd after Carlos Montaño, a member of the Siam group, publicly thanked her for going to see them.

“Caterine, thank you very much for being here tonight.”said the musician, followed by an outburst of applause and shouts from the audience in honor of the world and Olympic triple jump champion. “An immense honor to have you here today ”, Karoll Marquez wrote. “Pa’ you”Juan Manuel Medina commented, next to a video in which he is seen singing with the athlete ‘La venia bendita’, by Marco Antonio Solís. After the concert, the athlete was seen greeting some fans and taking photos with them. Among the audience was the actress Viña Machado, with whom she shared a fun moment. “No, she says no, and I beat her running”Caterine said as Viña laughed.

Dilian Francisca Toro and Caterine Ibargüen during the launch of the lists to Congress
Dilian Francisca Toro and Caterine Ibargüen during the launch of the lists to Congress

Caterine has made headlines in recent weeks by announcing her entry into the world of national politics. The controversy broke out on social networks after she announced her launch as a senator by the U political party. “A leap for change” is the motto of the Ibargüen campaign. Through videos, the Colombian explained that it is a decision she makes in favor of the country she loves so much and which she has already represented worldwide with her sports skills.

“My impulse is with you, each of the Colombians who deserve a change, a chance to fulfill their dreams. You are my strength and for whom I will work so that we return the joy to Colombia (…) I come from a powerful place, where we know how to get ahead despite difficulties, from a black land that I carry on my skin and that with every step I take. Today, I will write a new chapter to transform our Colombia through sports (…) Be consistent and change for the benefit of Colombians. It is to act more and say less ”, he commented.

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